Tales of adventure and derring-do -- and how they get that way...

We've made movies and written articles, worked in fiction and non-fiction, produced our own projects and contributed to other people's. We evolve through our work, and we see this website as a place for us to share what we're learning and doing.

Our Practice

Here's some of our favorite work, and a little of what each project taught us.


One of our goals is to cultivate thoughtful exploration of storytelling and collaboration. We've gathered some of that here: story analyses, conversations, inspirations and workshops on craft, including our upcoming Filmmaking for Actors course.


In our work and explorations, we've found some useful nuts-and-bolts techniques and resources, which we're sharing here, in case you might find them handy, too.

Telling stories has introduced to an amazing collection of collaborators all over the world -- people who have worked in the creation of projects, who have presented or reviewed them, and most importantly, who have watched or read them. We've been thrilled to discover the unexpected power that stories have to introduce us to friends we didn't know we had, and to spark conversations. So please come join in!